Start by checking out our Vision and Code of Conduct, then:

  1. Say hi on our chat

    • Create an account to join #tomesh and introduce yourself on our #welcome channel!
    • If you connect via the Riot mobile app, select Use custom server options (advanced) and set the homeserver to
  2. Join one of our events
    • We host in-person and virtual meetups and workshops
  3. Review the current list of projects and work with us
    • Visit our Kanban used to track the status of our many projects
    • Visit our GitHub used to host our open-source software and all important documents

How do I work with you?

Collaborate on our Kanban Board

Toronto Mesh uses a Kanban (看板) to keep track of ideas and progress. The software we use is the self-hosted open-source Wekan. Create an account on, and then ask on or email for an invite to our board.

Propose an Idea

  • Create a new card in the Ideas column by adding a short title
  • Include details in the description and add appropriate labels for easy filtering

Participate in the Discussion

Work on a Card

  • Find a card you would like to take ownership and add yourself as a member to that card
  • Move the card to the Discuss or In Progress column, then Done when completed

Contribute to our Git Repositories

We use git, a version control tool, and GitHub to work on this website, our Raspberry Pi prototype, our educational materials on network literacy, and keep record of important documents like our meeting notes. Please see our Contribution Guidelines and contribute on GitHub.

Funding the Project

Toronto Mesh consists of a collective of people and does not currently hold legal status as an organization, nor do we have a bank account. Workshops, conferences, and deployments are generally paid out-of-pocket by the people organizing that particular initiative. You may find a donation jar at some events to help cover costs.

Grant applications are applied for in partnership with non-profit organizations, and each application is agreed upon using our general method of establishing consensus, either at meetings or virtually on We keep a listing of all grants and sources of institutional funding that involve Toronto Mesh as a partner.

If you would like to contribute to the Toronto Mesh project as an organization, or have any questions regarding our finances, please email or join