In our 2-part program–Who Owns the Internet and How to Reclaim the Internet, participants will learn about the technical architecture and power dynamics of what we call the Internet. We’ll discuss issues around long-standing digital inequities and practices of data exploitation by Internet companies. From this basis we’ll explore alternative practices and invite you to re-imagine and co-create community networks in our Toronto neighbourhoods.

This program is held in collaboration with the Toronto Public Library, and requires no technical background from the audience. Click here to register!


Who Owns the Internet is a presentation that begins with familiar digital experiences, where we will trace how our data moves through software services and hardware infrastructures of the Internet. Then we will discuss power structures that exist and explore issues of data privacy and digital justice, and together navigate the tensions that exist when we use dominant digital platforms.

How To Reclaim The Internet follows the same format and describes alternative network practices, drawing from the global community network movement, and featuring the positive social impact on local neighbourhoods. The session invites participants to explore technology as a practice rather than consumption, as an emancipatory approach to build digital equity, then takes us to ongoing initiatives here in the neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Space is limited and specific instructions with a Crowdcast link will be provided after registration. Click here to register!