Free Geek Toronto is hosting a celebration combining Canada Day and Multiculturalism Day!

Come and learn about mesh networks, computers, and some of the Open Source Software that makes it all work.

Join us at 1:00pm on June 29, 2019. We will meet at Free Geek Toronto, 180 Sudbury St and the adjacent parkette.

What should you expect?

Technology showcase

  • Toronto Mesh nodes in action
  • File sharing through the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)
  • Proof-of-concept long-range wireless link

MR16 Radio Collection
These MR16 access points are a sample of the hardware that will be on display

Bring a laptop or smartphone to participate in these mesh network demos!

Indoor activities

  • Computer Disassembly and Hardware Check
  • Demonstrations of Free and Open Source Software
  • 1-Day Sale on Desktop and Thrift Shop items
  • Live music!

Food will be provided by Regent Park Catering Collective.

Register here!

Do you have any e-waste you would like to donate to Free Geek? Bring it! See their list of accepted electronics here.

This event has a code of conduct.