Join us at HackLab.TO for a FREE hands-on workshop to build a mesh node based on the Raspberry Pi platform. We will start with a very brief intro to mesh networks and the Raspberry Pi, then jump right into setting up the mesh with our open-source tomesh software. The nodes made here will be the beginning of the tomesh testnet.

After the initial setting up, the workshop will be free-form with small groups prototyping what services can be run on this ad-hoc mesh, discussing ideas and testing them.

No prior experience with software, hardware, or networking is needed; meanwhile showing up with vague project ideas are strongly encouraged :) Please bring a laptop if you can, all other hardware will be provided. If you have a Raspberry Pi or other boards you would like to try, or perhaps take the mesh to the streets, bring those and any external battery pack with a micro-USB cable. Again, all these are optional, the only requirement is to show up.

Email us with any questions: